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Caci Lower Hutt

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Welcome to Caci Lower Hutt

At Caci Lower Hutt, Wellington we specialise in results driven treatments, brought to you in a relaxed environment with soothing sounds and a team of dedicated, friendly professionals.

We offer:

  • Skincare
  • Corrective skin treatments
  • Laser hair removal
  • Appearance medicine: Botox and Dermal Filler (Juvederm) 
  • Fat reduction
  • Beauty Therapy


Due to the recent earthquake, there is a shortage of parking in the CBD. We suggest you leave extra time for parking when coming to your appointment. You can park at the riverbank near Countdown and cut through the pedestiran access as a short cut to Caci. Click here to find parking areas around the CBD.


See behind the scenes at Caci Lower Hutt

Tuesday June 13th, 
6.00 - 8.00pm
Caci Lower Hutt, 119 Queens Dr

Take a behind the scenes look at Caci Lower Hutt. whether you are a client interested in seeing what it is like from the ohter side, or curious to know more about skin treatments at Caci- come along!

Enjoy the evening with your friends over food, refreshments spot prizes and demonstrations:

  • Fractional CO2 Laser
  • Collagen Induction
  • Sonophoresis
  • Microdermabrasion

Learn all about Caci’s new Skin Health Plan - achieve fresh, bright and healthy looking skin from only $25 per week!

All guests will be in to WIN a complete Ki skincare range!

Please RSVP- to confirm your attendance- we would hate to run out of wine and nibbles!
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Caci Lower Hutt are proud to be sponsoring local lass Tijana Selak in her campaign to win Miss Universe New Zealand.

She has already made it through to the final 20 and is currently enjoying the Miss Universe New Zealand Retreat in the Philippines. To follow her adventures join her facebook followers on and to vote for her .

Tijana is a beautiful woman inside and out, bubbly and approachable she lives by the spirit of 'giving forward'.

As a regular client at Caci Lower Hutt, Tijana keeps her skin in tip top condition with facials and dermal rolling treatments.

“I love Miss Universe because it breaks the stereotype of what a pageant is all about. I have always been passionate about being a positive influence for those around me, being a finalist is an amazing opportunity and the perfect platform to allow me to have a voice and reach out to the people. Funds from the votes go to Variety the Children’s Charity, which is an amazing cause and I am so grateful to be involved. Please follow my journey and support. Thank you, Much love x.”


Clinic Address

119 Queens Drive Lower Hutt

The Team

Andrea - Owner/Manager

As the owner and Manager of Caci Lower Hutt, Andrea is our team leader and also Treatment Co-ordinator. She has extensive industry knowledge and is committed to providing a friendly, professional and caring environment for our clients.Andrea has a comprehensive understanding of the treatment options available and enjoys developing a rapport with our clients, often resulting in peals of laughter from her and clients being heard from her office. 

She is focused on taking the time to develop a personalised treatment plan with each client that will deliver the very best results helping our clients look and feel their best.Unsurprisingly, with a background in psychology, Andrea embraces fully the intrinsic power, confidence and self-empowerment that Caci treatments give our clients and enjoys each client’s journey as much the client themselves. She also encourages each of the team to have Caci Reformaskin programmes (yes we need to work at beautiful skin too), we all use Murad products, and we all have Botox and dermal fillers for that natural refreshed look  – be sure to ask your treatment provider what she is doing and how her journey is progressing.

Current Reformaskin Journey: Andrea, as a 40 something, has completed the Fractional CO2 Laser programme with amazing results. Her focus was reduction of scars from sporting accidents, improvement in overall skin texture, and smoothing through the pesky under eye area. She is now focusing on reducing pigment and brightening her skin with the Restore VPL programme. Her favourite must have Murad product is the Acne Clearing Solution.

Stacey - Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Stacey is a highly skilled and award winning Cosmetic Nurse Specialist with over five years experience within Caci and 14 years as a Registered Nurse.As testament to her passion for the beauty industry Stacey returned to study and has completed her internationally recognised qualifications in Beauty Therapy. As well as a greater understanding of skin, muscle and aging concerns, this training has strengthened her aesthetic eye for a more holistic approach to appearance medicine. Unsurprisingly she is highly sought after and consistently praised.

Stacey is expert in delivering all of our Cosmetic Nurse Specialist treatments, from advanced Botox and Juvederm (dermal filers) techniques, collagen induction skin corrective therapies of Dermal Rolling and Fractional CO2 Laser, and VPL laser treatments for hair removal and photo rejuvenation.Stacey is our bubbly energizer bunny, who, while performing her job incredibly professionally, frequently has clients in fits of laughter in her room. Be prepared to come out with a smile.

Current Reformaskin Journey: Stacey, as a 30 something, is focusing on collagen induction to reduce her fine lines and wrinkles, improve the overall texture of her skin and prevent lines and wrinkles by thickening her skin with the Fractional CO2 Laser programme. Her favourite must have Murad product is the Age Reform Intensive Wrinkle Reducer.

Kirsty - Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Kirsty is our Cosmetic Nurse Specialist administering Botox and Juvederm (dermal fillers), as well as performing the collagen induction skin corrective therapies of Dermal Rolling and Fractional CO2 Laser. With over 19 years as a Registered Nurse, a passion for well-health and extensive injectable experience clients can be confident they are in good hands.Through continued professional development Kirsty has specialities in advanced facial and skin anatomy, advanced Botox and Juvederm techniques, and a comprehensive understanding of corrective/ reparative processes so is able to offer a holistic approach to appearance and the benefits of healthy skin.Kirsty blends the science and art of appearance medicine exceptionally well. 

Her aesthetic eye derives from her stylist experience and with her dedication and attention to detail she achieves consistently praised results.  Her approach is friendly, genuine and collaborative, creating an amazing sense of serenity. She also has a smile that you just can’t help but smile back at.

Current Reformaskin Journey: Kirsty, as a late 30 something, is focusing on collagen induction to reduce her lines and wrinkles and improve her overall skin texture with the Fractional CO2 Laser programme. As a secondary benefit, she is loving the reduction in sun damage pigmentation that she is also getting from these treatments. Her favourite must have Murad product is the Time Release Retinol Concentrate.

Naketa - Skin Specialist

Naketa has over five years experience in the Beauty Industry and an undeniable passion for extending her knowledge to help her clients gain the best results. She has internationally recognised beauty therapy qualifications with additional advanced qualifications in Microdermabrasion, body therapies and Electrolysis (including electro-diathermy). At Caci she has continued to excel in continued education, having already achieved her Caci 500 Gem status (over 2000 professional development hours).

While Naketa excels at providing the full range of beauty therapy services we provide at Caci including our specialised Murad facials, CACI non-surgical facelift, sonophoresis infusion, and a variety of massage styles (including hot stone), her specialities are hair removal and acne.  Whether using VPL laser, electrolysis, or waxing for hair removal, Naketa is in constant demand. As an acne sufferer herself she has a genuine empathy with our acneic clients and is as passionate about their journey as they are.She is warm and friendly with a cheeky sense of humour as you get to know her. Her ever increasing loyal client base reflects her undeniable talent in the beauty industry.

Current Reformaskin Journey: Naketa, as a 20 something with acneic skin, is focused on gaining control of her breakouts with Murad adult acne products. Once under control her focus is to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and open pores with the Dermal Rolling programme. Her favourite must have Murad product is the Intensive C Radiance Peel.

Georgia - Skin Specialist

Georgia is an award winning skin specialist having recently received a Caci Beauty Therapist Distinction. She has internationally recognised beauty therapy qualifications and over four years experience in the beauty industry. She is skilled at providing the full range of beauty therapy services we provide at Caci including our specialised Murad facials, CACI non-surgical facelift, sonophoresis infusion, hair removal, massage and VPL therapies (hair removal and photo rejuvenation). 

Georgia is excelling with the professional development opportunities at Caci having already achieved her Caci 500 Gem status (over 2000 professional development hours). However, her real flare is skin anatomy and topical applications for repair, rejuvenation and accentuation. Georgia is passionate about the combination of in-clinic treatments with tailored home care. Clients are loving her recommendations and their results. As a talented makeup artist (everyday, events and theatrical) be sure to ask her for tips and tricks.Georgia is every inch the ‘girl next door’, down-to-earth, sweet and gentle but with a surprisingly powerful massage touch. Her enthusiasm for Caci and the beauty industry is reflected in the developing passion and loyalty of her clients.

Current Reformaskin Journey: Georgia, as an early 20 something with frequent eczema breakouts, is combining a rigorous product regime (to assist her fluctuating flaky to oily skin) while focusing on reducing pigment and brightening her skin with the Restore VPL programme.  Her favourite must have Murad product is the Essential C Daily Renewal Complex (but given her love of Murad products she has many close seconds).

Vanessa - Treatment Co-ordinator

As our Treatment Co-ordinator, Vanessa has in-depth knowledge of all the treatments, programmes and plans available at Caci Lower Hutt so, along with Andrea, is typically the first person a new client meets with. As a former client of Caci lower Hutt Vanessa understands the client experience and the amazing transformation our treatments can provide. Her passion for Beauty Therapy and Appearance Medicine began with her own treatments in preparation for her wedding, and was then cemented while working for a plastic surgery clinic.

Vanessa views all our clients as unique and takes the time to truly understand their needs. She enjoys working alongside our clients to achieve their goals. With her bubbly personality and infectious smile even new clients quickly feel relaxed; combine that with her dedication to provide each client with the knowledge they need to make a confident decision and you can rest assured that your initial consult will be a positive experience.

Current Reformaskin Journey: Vanessa, as a 40 something, is focusing on collagen induction to soften fine lines and wrinkles and reduce enlarged pores and scars with the Dermal Roll programme. Her favourite must have Murad product is the Pore Reform T-Zone Pore Refining Serum.

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