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Treat yourself to one of our skin correcting facials

We offer facials to treat a range of skin types and concerns. If you’re unsure which facial will give you the best results, book a free skin consultation.

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Murad Signature Facials

Environmental Shield Vitamin C Facial 60 Minutes
This facial uses Vitamin C to help fade pigmentation, fight wrinkles and restore smoothness and firmness. See results in just one treatment.

Resurgence Renewal Facial 60 Minutes

Restore moisture, resilience and smoothness to hormonally imbalanced skin with this luxurious facial. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and refines uneven texture, colour and tone.

IP5 Professional 60 Minutes
This intense anti-ageing facial dramatically resurfaces, brightens, firms, plumps and deeply hydrates. It also includes an instant eye-lift that plumps deep wrinkles while increasing skin firmness by up to 75% in just 15 minutes.

AHA Rapid Exfoliator Anti-Ageing Facial 30 Minutes
Exfoliate away dead skin cells to reveal a softer, smoother complexion. This will accelerate cell turnover and encourage healthy skin, unveiling an improvement in your skin's texture and tone. Recommended course of six treatments for maximum results.

Age Defence Infusion 60 Minutes
This non-invasive brightening treatment will give your skin unsurpassed radiance. Vitamin C provides key nutrients needed for cellular repair, sun protection and cell turnover, while also stimulating collagen and elastin, and hydrating your skin from the inside out.

Hydrating Facial 30 Minutes
Nourish dry and dehydrated skin, this hydrating facial uses the richest of products applied with the utmost of care, leaving your skin revitalised.

Sonic Youth Facial 60 Minutes

The sonophoresis machine works Vitamin C products to reduce fine line, improve skin tone and firmness. Skin will be soothed, hydrated and repaired with no discomfit or downtime.  


Redness Therapy Facial 60 Minutes
Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, this soothing facial reduces irritation, dryness, discomfort and inflammation, strengthens the skin’s barrier function and restores suppleness.

Pom Power Pore Cleansing 30 Minutes
Fruit enzymes power away dirt and impurities to keep skin free of grime and remove dead skin, while antioxidant Pomegranate attacks damaging free radicals. The result- fresh, glowing, radiant skin.

Clarifying Enzyme Facial 45 Minutes
Improve skin clarity, reduce blemishes and soothe inflammation with this professional strength acne treatment. This facial is ideal for occasional hormonal breakouts or severe acne. Also available for breakouts on the back and chest.

Anti-Ageing Acne Facial 60 Minutes
Take your fight against acne and ageing to the next level. This facial targets skin that is prone to breakouts & inflammation, but also lines and loss of firmness. Great for clearing adult acne along with hydrating anti-ageing benefits. 


*Results can vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.